Feel like maybe you've heard enough about Snakes on a Plane? Worried that you might not last through a whole two-hour movie based on the concept? Now imagine watching thsoe motherf***ing snakes on that motherf***ing plane for 24 hours straight. That's what Shannon McCormick is planning to do on the first day that Snakes on a Plane is released. He's going to watch the same movie over and over for 24 hours. (I wonder if he's ever practiced with the yearly TNT A Christmas Story marathon.)

Anyone can join McCormick at Alamo South Lamar on August 18 for his "Snakes on a Day" event and attempt to survive 24 hours with Samuel L. Jackson and our reptile friends. Admission is free ... but only if you last the whole 24 hours. If you sign up and don't make it, you have to pay to leave. (The earlier you leave, the more you have to pay.) The proceeds all benefit the nonprofit group VenomousReptiles.org, fittingly enough. In addition, the "Snakes on a Day" event is being filmed for a documentary, although I feel like I am being so overhyped by the film that I may never want to hear the movie's title again.
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