You know how sometimes, when you just go along to a movie because you're bored, you accidentally stumble upon something awesome, because your expectations are so low? Well, 10 years ago, I was dragged along to see The Ghost and the Darkness, and I freaking LOVED it. I had no idea what it was going to be about, but there were Michael Douglas and Val Kilmer, running around trying to kill lions in the middle of Africa. It was silly, sure, but also effectively tense, and just totally engaging, somehow. Clearly I don't see enough good movies, because I still remember how much fun that one was to watch.

And, because of my affection for that one lions-with-a-taste-for-human-flesh movie, I'm irrationally excited about the news that The Weinstein Company has picked up distribution rights to Prey, a thriller about ... lions! Woo hoo! The movie, currently in post-production, stars Bridget Moynahan and Peter Weller as the biggest names on a family vacation in Africa. Ooooh, but the fun ends when they "become lost in a game reserve and stalked by lions." Can I get an "Amen" here, people? Lord am I excited about this movie. Plus, it was co-written and directed by Darrell James Roodt who, based on Cry, the Beloved Country, might not be a complete hack. (Yes, I'm ignoring Father Hood. So should you.) Rest assured that the moment a release date is revealed, I'll let you know.
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