Have you heard of Zak Penn? If you are into comic book movies, you should definitely know this guy's name -- he is one of the rising stars in the Marvel movie world. No, not as an actor, or even as a director. He's a writer, and he's been attached to more Marvel films than practically anybody who isn't Avi Arad or Stan Lee. His list so far includes two X-Menmovies (and one video game), Elektra(hey, I didn't say it was all good work), a Fantastic Four video game, and the upcoming Incredible Hulk redux. He now seems to be on the very short list of people Marvel really digs, because not only have they given him work on the Hulk film, but they've also thrown him another bone in the form of this other tiny comic book. Maybe you've heard of it: It is called The Avengers.

Yes, Zak Penn, the luckiest man on earth, will be writing (or at least helping to write) the screenplay for Earth's mightiest heroes. But that's only after he finishes his work on The Incredible Hulk. They'll probably just hand him a pile of rare jewels somewhere in between, and give him a new house or two. Here's to hoping Zak Penn really finds his writing chops and brings us a few movies really worth enjoying. Nobody wants two more Elektras.
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