Oh man. Based on the people involved (well, person -- for me it's all about Bill Condon) and the earlyfootage, I was already having a really hard time waiting until Christmas to see Dreamgirls. And now that the test screenings have started, resulting in reviews (from people who don't even like musicals) that say things like "this movie is F*CKING AMAZING. Definitely the best I've seen for a long, long time.", and "Dreamgirls is virtually flawless", and "probably the best movie I've seen in a couple of years", I'm pretty much totally freaking out.

Those quotes comes from the four screeningreports that were sent to AICN yesterday, right after the first test screening (those spies work fast). While, yes, the reviews are typically hyperbolic, they also offer a lot of detail to support the raves and are tempered by minor criticism, so I feel pretty confident that they weren't written by Beyoncé's mom, or something. That said, however, the write-ups are so positive that, if you're excited about the movie already, it may be dangerous to read them -- like me, you'll just end up royally pissed off that it's only August.
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