The news that arthouse legend Hsiao-hsien Hou is working on his first film outside Asia has been drifting around the web for a few weeks now, but details about the project are few and far between. Currently shooting in Paris, the film is reportedly called Orsay and revolves around a little boy and his Chinese student babysitter "who inhabit the same imaginary world. Throughout their adventures they are followed by a strange red balloon." The film's working title was Ballon Rouge, and the presence of the balloon is clearly a tribute to 1955's Le Ballon rouge; Juliette Binoche will play the boy's mother.

Interestingly, the film is apparently not a stand-alone project. In fact, it's the first installment in a four-film series, created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Paris' Musee d'Orsay. The other directors involved? Oh, no one important -- only Olivier Assayas, Jim Jarmusch and Chilean director Raoul Ruiz. Damn, that's a museum with some pull! Hopefully the films will at least get limited runs here in the US.
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