I was poking around the corners of some horror sites this morning over my morning coffee (not because I dig horror first thing in the morning, but I was checking out a site submitted for Film Blog Group Hug, and suddenly found myself ass-deep in blood and gore), and ended up over at Final Girl's site, which recently hosted a Film Club discussion on The Descent, which I really liked (WARNING: major spoilers are in that post, so if you haven't see the film, you might hold off on clicking until you do).

Then I saw something in the comments that made me go, "Oh, no!" so loudly that it scared my kids: A rumor of a sequel to The Descent. Oh, I know, this is old news to you horror buffs out there -- Scott even mentioned it a while back at the bottom of a Descent round-up -- but it wasn't to me, and it was rather upsetting to read about before the caffeine had even properly filtered into my bloodstream. So off I went to try to further confirm the scurrilous rumor, and I found mention of Neil Marshall talking about that very thing at Comic-Con on both Bloody Disgusting and Dread Central. Curses.

There's already a sequel to Marshall's 2002 Dog Soldiers underway, but hopefully the rumor of a sequel to The Descent will die quietly. How could they (damn those "they", they're always up to no good) possibly make a sequel to The Descent? Feel free to discuss at will in the comments, but if your comment includes spoilers, kindly include a warning. IMDb, I should note, has Marshall next working on a post-apocalyptic number cheerily titled Doomsday.

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