More release dates were moved around this week, as studios struggle to get the last quarter of 2006 in order. The most recent changes range from dumped indies to major releases rescheduled to increase Oscar exposure. Here are the details:
  • First and most importantly, Alfonso Cuarón's spermless futuristic thriller Children of Men has been pushed back from mid-September to Christmas Day. Can you say ... Oscar? The buzz on this one is that the people at Universal think they've got an award-worthy film on their hands, and want to give it as high-profile a release as possible.
  • Since we saw a production still from Killshot -- a story about a couple in witness protection (Diane Lane, Thomas Jane) being tracked by a hitman (Mickey Rourke) and his nutso protege (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) -- back in December, all of the perceptible progress on the film has been backwards. It was originally slated for release in March of 2006, but was then pushed back a full six months to October. And now? The movie's been pulled and not rescheduled. Yikes.
  • Harsh Times, another film that has already appeared on release schedules several times this year (the most recent date was September 8), is now slated to hit theaters November 10. Directed by David Ayer from a script he wrote before penning Training Day, it's been described as very similar to that film in terms of character and structure, with Christian Bale in the central crazy guy role. It's hard to know here if the studio thinks Bale's reportedly flashy performance merits some attention during awards season, or if the date changes have been for internal reasons.
  • Starter for Ten, an indie British flick, has been pulled by from its October release, and is now slated to hit some time in 2007. (From a personal point of view, I find this very irritating -- I already saw and wrote up a review of the thing, and it's not even coming out now?! Damn you, Picturehouse!) The movie is a well-acted coming-of-age story about a young man's first year at Bristol University; its 1985 setting is an excuse for a great freaking soundtrack, if nothing else.
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