I remember when Steven Spielberg'sJaws first hit DVD, and one of the supplemental materials was a fantastic one-hour "making of" documentary that all the shark nerds were trashing. Why trashing? Because the doco was originally over two hours in length, but was trimmed in half for the DVD release. And then, five years later, Universal unleashed a 30th Anniversary Edition of Jaws that contained the entire documentary ... and it was good. (Very good, actually.)

But apparently not good enough for one particularly passionate group of Jaws fanatics, so after spending some time at the 30th Anniversary celebration at Marth'a Vineyard last year, they went out and decided to make their own Jaws documentary. And not only is the flick almost finished, but it's reported to clock in at about 3 hours in length! Yowza! What could a bunch of Jaws junkies use to fill three whole doco hours?