Ah, Sunday. Nothing much going on news-wise to report on, but it's a great day to kick back with a nice cup of coffee and catch up with what's going on around the world of other film blogs and film sites. Think of it as a Film Blog Group Hug, Sunday Edition.

Over on Film Threat, Paul Goebel wonders: When did Jim Belushi became such a douche?

Who says cinephiles aren't social animals? Sure, we may spend a great deal of our time with our butts planted firmly on couches and in theater seats, but we like to talk about film too, and unless you have multiple personalities that all get along, you need other people to talk to. If you don't want to leave the comfort of home for stimulating conversation, though, here are some online options to check out:

Nerve.com has launched the Nerve Film Lounge, where you can check out film reviews and interviews and chat about your opinions.

There's also indieWIRE's social networking site, indieLOOP, where you can form groups, join groups, talk about your film or other people's films, hook up with friends who are going to festivals, and more.

If you're a filmmaker, or you just really love film, you might want to check out IKlipz, where you can upload and watch short films. IKlipz members can view uploaded films, rate them, and discuss them with other members. Just this morning, I treated myself to a viewing of The Intervention, by the Duplass Brothers (they of The Puffy Chair) -- a 14 minute or so about a group of friends holding an "intervention" that has more under the surface that it first appears. Check it out.

Over at Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule, you can put those summer doldrums to rest and flex your brain muscle by taking Professor Julius Kelp's Endless Summer Chemistry Test. Which questions like "Is it possible to know with any certainty if you could like or love someone based partially on their taste in movies? If so, what film might be a potential relationship deal-breaker for you, or the one that might just seal that deal?", you're sure to have fun with it. [ via Green Cine Daily ]