Since I don't tend to watch a lot of trailers online (unless there's one that has particularly good buzz), I hadn't actually caught the one for 13 (Tzameti). Until last night, that is, when I went to the theater to see The Descent with my husband, my brother and his grilfriend, and they showed the trailer for 13 (Tzameti) before the main attraction (WARNING: If you want to actually be intrigued by this film, do not watch the trailer). I was so blown away by how completely bad the trailer was, that it almost (but not quite) spoiled my repeat viewing of Neil Marshall's claustrophobic cave flick.

What I want to know is this: Who decided it was a great idea to take a film whose premise depends on the audience NOT knowing, along with the protagonist, just what he's getting into, and then give away that entire premise in the trailer? What were they thinking? Do they want people not to see this film? Because everyone in the theater last night seemed stunned into silence by the trailer, and not in a good way. A guy behind us muttered, "So, that's basically the film in three minutes, right?" and his companion added, "Well, guess we don't need to go see it now."

If I had made the trailer for 13 (Tzameti), I would have shown just enough to intrigue the viewer without giving away what happens: Shots of the protagonist, Sébastien, listening through a hole in the roof to his employer talking about a job that will bring in a lot of cash; the employer dead in a bathtub; Sébastien with the train ticket and hotel reservation in hand; Sébastien seeing the guy in the car holding up the card with "13" on it, and Sébastien holding up his matching card. And that's it. Period. That's all anyone needs to know going into this film the first time. If I'd known as much about the film as the trailer gives away, it would have totally spoiled my first viewing -- if I'd even gone to see it at all. Who made the call to give away the whole plot in the trailer? Fire that person, now, because he or she should be henceforth banned from ever being responsible for a trailer again. Bah.