Originally published in 1956, My Dog Tulip is author J.R. Ackerley's memoir of his 14-year relationship with Tulip, a German shepherd he rescued and who, eventually, appears to have taken over his life. According to Amazon, the relationship is a complicated one, because "there are indeed two Tulips. One is highly strung but heroic, flirtatious but true. The other is a four-legged rejoinder to authority: A biter, a barker, and a dab hand at defecating her way around London." Reactions to the book -- officially designated a "classic" by the New York Review of Books, if no one else -- seem to be mixed; some (dog-lovers, one assumes) dig the story for its detail and honesty, while others find those details (particularly those about Tulip's active sex life) tiresome and unnecessary.

Some of the people who love the book have not only rounded up enough money to turn it into an animated feature (with an "adult sensibility" -- that better not mean cartoon doggie porn), but also managed to attract some big names to the project, an accomplishment that instantly increases its profile. On board to provide vocal talent for My Dog Tulip, the movie, are such luminaries as Christopher Plummer, Lynn Redgrave and Isabella Rossellini (though sadly no one knows which one gets to play the dog).

Voice recording is set to begin this week; producers hope to have the movie in the can by the end of next year.
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