Saw III Blood Drive poster 1

In my mind, there's no better way to get some positive buzz going for a horror film than to put out a series of sexy posters several months in advance of the movie's release date. Luckily for 'Saw' fans everywhere, Lionsgate, the studio behind the overwhelmingly popular and highly lucrative franchise, feels exactly the same way. In preparation for the Oct. 27 release of 'Saw III,' Lionsgate has created five magnificent works of poster art advertising the "3rd Annual Saw III Halloween Blood Drive." But if you're under the impression this is simply a clever way to market the movie, think again. This is an actual legit (and successful) blood drive that Lionsgate has run for each of the previous 'Saw' films and is running again this year. The posters implore movie fans to "give 'til it hurts" and provide them with the incentive to do so by featuring scantily clad, impossibly well-cleavaged nurses. Luckily for Moviefone, the folks over at Lionsgate have given us exclusive first dibs on premiering these seductive posters. Over the next five days, from Monday through Friday, we'll be debuting one darkly delicious poster per day on this blog. So if you like what you see above, keep coming back for more. We've got plenty.

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