Those sly little devils over at Latino Review have gotten their hands on the Hitman script and, according to them, it looks very cool. Based on the popular video game (which I have, but never played), story focuses on an international assassin dubbed Agent 47 who, from what I understand, makes ass-kicking look extremely cool and sophisticated. We already know Vin Diesel has signed on to play Agent 47 and that Skip Woods (Swordfish) is penning the script, but will it be any good?

According to Latino Review, "Hitman stands on its own merits as a testosterone laced action packed thriller while being faithful to its video game origins. You don't even have to be a fan of the games to dig this." The review itself is fairly light on spoilers (for fear the studio will want to kick some ass of its own), though there is a small plot synopsis, a mildly detailed description of the opening scene and some stuff on the weapons featured -- which I imagine will be important to those who love the video game. Enjoy.

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