A couple of big names from very different sides of the cinematic universe have new films coming out next month, and they're both hitting the road -- New York, specifically -- to convince all of us their movies are worth our precious time and money. Landing first will be Tony Jaa (Ong-bak), the Thai martial artist whose The Protector will hit screens on September 8. In addition to attending an advance screening of the film at Brooklyn's Museum of the Moving Image next Sunday, Jaa will also offer a free, pre-screening martial arts exhibition in the museum's courtyard. So, even if you can't get a ticket to the movie, you'll have a chance to see Jaa kick some serious ass in real life, which is probably way cooler anyway.

Then, on August 29, none other than Michel Gondry will make a stop at the Soho Apple store to promote The Science of Sleep, discuss his past film and video work and, one hopes, talk about his weird-ass dreams. The Gondry event is part of a series of evenings with independent filmmakers and is free (as, for that matter, is the Music of Idlewild panel next Tuesday night).

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- for a movie-lover, New York is pretty damn cool.

[Jaa link via Twitch]
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