After months of reporting on the internet phenomenon that is Snakes on a Plane, those pesky little critters finally attack theaters this Friday. Thank God. I'm not sure I could go too much longer -- fact is, these mother-f***ing snakes are getting on my mother-f***ing nerves. And I know I can't be the only one who feels this way.

If there's one aspect of this film I'm actually looking forward to, it's seeing just how much influence the absurd amount of internet buzz will have on the flick's box office numbers. I'm also curious to see if the recent terrorist scare will keep folks away from this type of film in its opening weekend. Sure, it has built up a substantial cult audience prior to its release, but will that be enough to catapult it out of the gutter? After all the marketing nonsense, let's see if we can't predict how well Snakes on a Plane will do.

So, I ask you: Will you be seeing Snakes on a Plane this weekend? If not, why? And how much you think it will make?