• John Alderson(1916-2006) - One of two actors filling the obligatory Hitchcock-connected slot in this week's RIP. He was an uncredited cop in To Catch a Thief and also had uncredited roles in My Fair Lady, Blazing Saddles and The Young Lions. Films he is credited for include Young Guns II, The Cat from Outer Space and Riders on the Storm. He died August 4th, in Woodland Hills, California.
  • Patrick Allen(1927-2006) - This week's other Hitchcock actor (pictured). He appeared in Dial M for Murder as well as many non-Hitchcock films, including When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, 1984 (1956 version), Night of the Big Heat (aka Island of the Burned Damned), The Night of the Generals and The Night Creatures (aka Captain Clegg). Aside from appearing with John Anderson in this list, he and Anderson were also both in The Wild Geese. In addition to his on-screen work, Allen was well-known as a voice actor and a member of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. He died July 28th.
  • Sam X. Abarbanel(1914-2006) - Publicist, producer and writer who penned the scripts for Prehistoric Women (aka The Virgin Goddess), Sound of Horror and Summertime Killer. He was also, for a time, an independent marketing specialist, and worked on promotion for High Noon, as well as Oscar campaigns for La Strada, Henry V and The Red Balloon. He died August 9th, in Los Angeles.
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