A few months back I caught wind of Charles Band's next inevitable dungpile movie, and something about the concept, cast and cover art just made me giggle. I chuckled partially because I think the idea of a murderous bong is pretty moronically hilarious, but mainly because I know that Charles Band couldn't direct fecal matter to be malodorous if his life depended on it.

Oh sure, Mr. Band churnedoutabunchoffairlyentertainingultra-schlock a few decades ago, but if his latest productions are any indication, the guy's not even trying anymore. All Band seems to need is a silly title, a stupid concept and some colorful DVD cases, and Boom! he's moving on to the next project. (Those who think I'm being a bit harsh need to sit through a triple feature of Decadent Evil, Doll Graveyard and The Gingerdead Man and then get back to me.) Even those who have a huge soft spot for cheapo horror (like, um, me) will find very little to enjoy over the course of that 3+ hour triple feature. (Yeah, Band's movies are that short.)

So now comes Charles Band's next attempt at cult classic-dom, and it's a Tommy Chong-led horror-comedy called, yes, Evil Bong. The DVD doesn't hit until October 10th, but there's a wacky new trailer to check out, just in case you were wondering how silly this concept will actually look onscreen. Hoo boy. (Yes, I'll see the damn thing, and yes, I'll still give it a fair shake, but c'mon ... EVIL BONG??)

After the jump ... a poem.
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