Recent Theatricals

Hoot (New Line) -- That movie where that kid saves those animals. This time it's owls. (filmmaker commentary, six featurettes, blooper reel)

RV (Sony) -- That movie where wacky things happen to jerks on vacation. Only it stars an old Robin Williams instead of a young Chevy Chase. (director commentary, five featurettes, gag reel)

Scary Movie 4 (Dimension) -- Wacky pratfalls and movie references. Part 4. (filmmaker commentary, copious deleted scenes, six featurettes, blooper reel)

Catalog Picks

Apocalypse Now (Paramount) -- This "Complete Dossier" Edition includes both versions of Coppola's classic, and more supplemental material than you'll know what to do with.

Heart Like a Wheel (Anchor Bay) -- Bonnie Bedelia is pretty darn excellent in this forgotten-but-not-gone biopic. (director commentary, retrospective featurette)

Safe Men (Universal) -- Amusing indie mob comedy with a pretty colorful cast: Sam Rockwell, Steve Zahn, Paul Giamatti, Mark Ruffalo ... (director/actor commentary, deleted scenes, short film)


The Hard Corps (Sony) -- Just another Van Damme action flick, but the title makes me giggle. (no extras)

I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer (Sony) -- I'll always know this series sucks major butt. (director commentary, featurette)

Snakes on a Train (Asylum) -- Whaaaaat? On a TRAIN? That's just wacky! (filmmaker commentary, featurette)

Survival Island (Showtime) -- The movie Billy Zane doesn't want you to see ... because his girlfriend shows her big naked boobies in it! (no extras)