We lost a great actor today, folks. At the age of 57, Bruno Kirby has passed away due to complications related to leukemia, after recently being diagnosed with the disease. Most of you probably remember Kirby as Billy Crystal's best pal in, personally, one of my favorite romantic comedies of all time, When Harry Met Sally. Or as Robin Williams' strict, yet hilarious nemesis in Good Morning, Vietnam.

Then you have one of his more classic roles as the wise-cracking New Yawker in City Slickers. As the news of his death hit me, the first image that popped into my head was that of a scene from Slickers when Kirby, Billy Crystal and Daniel Stern are out on the open range complaining about that annoying blinking VCR clock. Fed up with the conversation, Kirby goes, "Shut up! Just shut up! He doesn't get it! He'll never get it! It's been 4 hours! The cows can tape something by now! Forget about it please!"

I will never forget about that performance, and we will never forget about Bruno Kirby. Farewell my good man. Farewell.