In case you're interested (like I really need to ask), a few little tidbits regarding The Dark Knight have popped up online recently. Wanna know what they are? Read on fellow Bat-fans:

  • Superhero Hype recently spoke with producer Chuck Roven about all sorts of Bat-related nonsense and, if one thing's for sure, you're not getting much out of this dude. While he refused to comment on any and all rumors, Roven did talk a bit about Heath Ledger being cast as The Joker. Says Roven, "We're really thrilled about Heath Ledger playing The Joker. As Chris Nolan said, the great thing about Heath is he commits himself fully and totally to everything he does. He's just a brilliant, brilliant actor and you know this Joker is a very interesting dark fellow."
  • In terms of the film's production schedule, Roven said the plan is to begin with a "preshoot" next January, with the bulk of filming starting in March.
  • The good folks over at Batman On Film have been cruising through the gossip rags where they've stumbled upon some Katie Holmes dirt via Sympatico. Turns out, the actress has already begun training for her role in The Dark Knight, after being told she would need to be ready by January. Aside from taking on a strict diet, Holmes is keeping herself busy with a ton of yoga and kick-boxing. Unfortunately, it appears as if her role in the sequel will be pretty large.
  • Finally, a tipster wrote in to Batman On Film claiming they've heard Batman's costume will be altered for the sequel, in an attempt to mimic the changes Bruce Wayne would make as time evolved. Says the tipster, "The appearance will not change dramatically, but will be lighter and sleeker than the one in Batman Begins. It may also be constructed to look more like heavyweight fabric and armour than rubber."
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