Saw III Blood Drive poster 2

Hey there, 'Saw III' fans. Here's your exclusive first look at the second poster in the "3rd Annual Saw III Halloween Blood Drive" series (see below post for the first poster). And before you ask, the answer is: yes. Yes, this is a real blood drive that the folks over at Lionsgate have run for the previous two 'Saw' films and are running again this year. Last year, they raised 10,000 pints and are hoping to double that this time around -- so roll up your sleeves and prepare to get woozy in the name of medicine and good-looking nurses everywhere.

As far as this second poster goes, I really dig how the movie and blood drive info is written on the blood bag. Very creative. Another bonus: There are three ladies in white featured as opposed to the first poster's lone hot nurse. That's a menage a trois of amply bosomed "life savers" for your viewing pleasure. Not bad if I do say so myself. Remember to come back every day through this Friday, as we'll be debuting a brand-spanking-new 'Saw III' poster each day. You'll be glad you did.

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