The news broke last month that Angelina Jolie would play Mariane Pearl in A Mighty Heart, a movie based on Pearl's memoir. Though the book goes well beyond the murder of Pearl's journalist husband Daniel, the movie will (understandably) be primarily concerned with his kidnapping and death. The July report also indicated that Michael Winterbottom was signed to co-write and direct the film, and everything was in place for the scheduled August start date -- apart, that is, from the lack of anyone to play Daniel. It turns out, though, that the movie is already shooting, with Dan Futterman in the starring role.

According to the Washington Post, Futterman was actually cast a couple of months ago, but the news was kept quiet for security reasons: Since no one knew what they were doing, Futterman and Winterbottom (along with a small crew) were able to spend about 10 days shooting in Karachi and Islamabad recently. Because Paramount feared that it would be impossible to protect cast and crew had information about what was being filmed been available to the public, they made the decision to keep casting under wraps, which enabled Winterbottom to shoot in locations he considers crucial to the film.

A Mighty Heart is due out next year.

[via Hollywood Wiretap]
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