Those of you who are die hard Harry Potter fans may want to close your eyes for this story, as it has to do with the death of your beloved hero. As J.K. Rowling finishes up the final book in her blockbuster series, all focus appears to be centered around one very important question: Will Harry Potter die?

Rowling has admitted that two characters will die in the seventh book, though one does get a reprieve. Hmm, is Harry one of those two characters? While folks like Stephen King and John Irving are against the death of the world's most famous boy wizard, Harry Potter himself is all for a kick-ass climactic death scene. That's right, Daniel Radcliffe wants Harry gone ... for good. According to the actor, "It may be the only way the evil Voldemort could be killed is if Harry dies, because there is a strong connection between them." Seems plausible. Then again, there was a strong connection between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader ...

[via Movie Blog]

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