The current issue of New York magazine features an excellent six-page piece by Ariel Levy on Spike Lee and his wife, Tonya Lewis Lee. I started out just breezing through it, but quickly got sucked into Levy's excellently descriptive characterizations of Lee. Also, I learned some fascinating Spike Lee facts:

  • He lives on the Upper East Side of New York City, and his children attend one of the toniest private schools in Manhattan;
  • They also have a home on Martha's Vineyard, in an area called Oak Bluffs, a vacation spot for wealthy blacks since the 1930s;
  • His wife, Tonya, was "marrying down" when she married him; Lewis' father, a prominent executive with Philip Morris, is a member of the Boulés, the "most elite social club for black men in the country"; her mother is a member of Links, basically the female equivalent. Lewis grew up amid the Blackristocracy;
  • Lee and his wife are at the top of W.E.B. DuBois' "Talented Tenth" of black society; and
  • Lee's wife, on why comparing Lee to Malcolm X is unfair: "Spike is not as malleable as Malcolm."

Check out the full piece, it's a well-written, fascinating glimpse at what Lee is like. Levy also talks a good deal about Lee's four-hour Hurricane Katrina documentary.

[ via Green Cine Daily ]

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