Before you start throwing out the names of actors who would be perfect as General Zod in a Superman Returns sequel, you may want to wait and see if the studio actually makes the thing. According to a story in Variety, Warner Bros., having taken a hit at the box office with Superman Returns, is still trying to decide whether the Man of Steel is worth another sequel. (I know, it's sick to think a film can make almost $200 million and still lose money, right? That's Hollywood for ya.)

Though Bryan Singer felt confident there would be another Supes adventure when he recently spoke at Comic-Con, the dude is not officially signed to direct one. Word on the street is Warner Bros. wants to do a sequel, seeing as they've invested a whole lot in the character, but some feel all that time and money were spent on a character that's simply not as popular as, say, the darker, more complicated Batman and Spider-Man.

Personally, my biggest problem with Superman Returns was that I just didn't believe in the character. Of course, you're immediately comparing Brandon Routh to Christopher Reeve, but I truly attempted to go in with an open mind, as I've done with every single Batman flick. Fact is, Routh didn't convince me. He didn't show me a super man. Instead, all I saw was a soap-opera actor with way too much make-up on. You know things are bad when Superman is just about to kick some major ass and you can't help but think, "Damn, why does he have so much blush on?"