Big fan of Freddy Krueger but way too young to have enjoyed his debut on the silver screen? (How I envy you.) Well here's some good news: On September 20th & 21st, Wes Craven's original A Nightmare on Elm Street just might be playing at a multiplex near you, complete with a brand-new digital upgrade AND a little featurette called "Freddy's Best Kills."

These screenings are, of course, promotional events for New Line's upcoming Elm Street Special Edition (which streets on September 26th), but if you're a horror fan who really enjoys the moviegoing experience, I highly recommend you buy a ticket or two. (DVDs are awesome and all, but there's nothing like seeing Freddy on the big screen!)

I've already snagged a pair of tickets to a Philadelphia screening, despite the fact that, yes, I was in attendance during Freddy's first opening weekend way back in 1984. That scene where Fred's arms get all stretched out and elongated ... yeah, that gave me nightmares for about a week. Plus, hey, it's a chance to see Johnny Depp's cinematic debut -- right before he gets sucked into Freddy's hell-bed!