With American studios starting to seriously look east (particularly to Korea, where the film industry is thriving) for films and investment opportunities, it's not surprising that Asian studios are beginning to look back this way, as well. Among those studios is Korean major CJ Entertainment, which is in the middle of making its first US-based film.

According to Variety, CJ's film is entitled West 32nd and is set in New York's Koreatown, where it is currently shooting under the direction of The Motel writer-director Michael Kang. Though details about the movie's plot are few and far between, it revolves around a lawyer (played by Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle star John Cho) who gets mixed up with the Korean mob. In addition to Cho, the film features Battlestar Galactica'sGrace Park, as well as what Kang calls "some Korean actors you probably don't know but who are really well-known in Korea."

The shoot is scheduled to wrap next month, with US and Korean releases planned for early 2007.
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