Though there were times we thought it would never come, the release of Outkast's Idlewild is just over a week away and, in celebration, Universal is pulling out all the internet stops when it comes to promoting the film -- and for once that doesn't mean a MySpace page. Instead, the studio has enhanced the movie's very nicely designed -- and fast-loading -- official page with not one, not two, not three, but eight clips from the movie. The content of the clips ranges from Acting, With a Hint of Romance to Big Boi Doing His Thing (During the 1930s), and should please those of you who, like me, have been waiting for this damn thing for almost a year now. Plus, there's some new music from Outkast in there (you may recall that one of the many release delays was supposedly due to the duo's desire to get the movie's soundtrack 100% perfect) -- what's not to like?

At long (long, long) last, Idlewild will hit theaters August 25 (so they tell us, anyway).