Odds and ends from Tuesday:

  • Why do I immediately feel sorry for any actor that has to play love interest to Renée Zellweger? Is something wrong with me? Am I going to hell? Variety reports Bradley Cooper has just signed on to star opposite Zellweger in Case 39, to be directed by Christian Alvart. Cooper will play a detective who catches Zellweger's eye, as the social worker investigates a case of child abuse.
  • Along with the news that she's in negotiations to star in Definitely, Maybe (alongside Martha's on-screen hero, Ryan Reynolds), Elizabeth Banks has also signed on to play a part in the Warner Bros. Christmas comedy, Joe Claus. Pic stars Vince Vaughn as Santa's moronic brother, who returns to the North Pole and almost ruins Christmas. Banks will play "a hyper-organized member of Santa's Little Helpers", as well as Vaughn's love interest.
  • In an attempt to compete with folks like MySpace and YouTube, Viacom's MTV Networks has decided to buy Atom Entertainment, home to one of my favorite websites, Atom Films. According to reports, Atom's videos (which include a ton of awesome short films) will be promoted across MTV's 24 broadband web channels. While most will see this as just another large corporation's attempt to rule the internet, I view this as a great way to help short films gain more exposure. I'd be interested to see what the folks from Atom Films have to say about this? Feel free to chime in folks.
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