Odds and ends from Wednesday:

  • Apparently, Hollywood refuses to give up on the whole "Trading Places" theme, as New Line has brought scribe David H. Steinberg (Slackers) onboard to re-write Sprung. Story centers on a pair of identical twins -- one a straight-laced family man and the other a hardened criminal -- who decide to trade places during prison visiting hours. Hooray for original ideas!
  • In an interesting move, The New York Times has hired Broder Webb Chervin Silbermann Agency to help represent them in pursuing options for stories featured in the paper. The idea here is to use said stories for future film and television projects. Supposedly, this marks the first time a newspaper has partnered exclusively with a literary agency and, honestly, it's a pretty smart move. If all goes well, look for the words, "The New York Times presents" to begin showing up in front of some films in the very near future.
  • In speaking with Latino Review, Gremlins director Joe Dante talked a bit about the possibility of a Gremlins 3 and whether or not he would be involved in such a catastrophe. Says Dante, "Well, I'm sure there will be one. I know I won't have anything to do with it. They won't ask me. But the goal with Gremlins 2 was to make sure there wouldn't be a Gremlins 3. If there is a Gremlins 3 they're welcome to it." Dante also goes on to say that Gremlins was defined by the technology, and with CGI so prevalent today, it's hard for someone to focus on what the film should look like. Personally, leave those critters alone! [via Moviehole]
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