I just heard on the radio that -- in addition to being the birthday of Madonna, Steve Carell and my own illustrious brother -- today marks the 58th anniversary of the death of Babe Ruth. (It's also, oddly, the day the Yankees have chosen to break ground on the new Yankee Stadium -- yes, they're starting the slow death of the current House That Ruth built on the day he died.) Anyway, hearing that news immediately sent me on a search for an image from the wonderful The Pride of the Yankees, the 1942 film about Lou Gehrig in which Ruth makes a brief appearance as himself.

As for the movie itself, I'm too blinded by my desperate love for Gary Cooper to even know anymore if it's actually good -- I have a feeling that it might be too emotional for some, and too sporty for others. That said, however, anyone who can watch the thing without crying at least twice (Gehrig and his wife, each keeping his illness a secret in order to protect the other? That speech? Hell, I get chills just thinking about the echo.) has no soul.
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