Wow, I just saw the words "dark" and "western" together in a story in Variety. And the story's not about a remake, or a pitch studios rejected as a movie no one will ever see! Look out for flying pigs, friends, because Warner Bros. just bought themselves a nasty western, and they claim they're going to make it into a movie -- could it be that someone in Hollywood actuallysawThe Proposition, and is watching Deadwood?

The script in question -- entitled The Brigands of Rattleborge, written by Craig Zahler -- "revolves around three ruthless men who rob, rape and maim [a] town's wealthiest residents during a torrential rainstorm." When the dust settles, the town's sheriff and doctor (since he's described as "vengeful", I'm guessing his wife or daughter suffered something horrible at the hands of the bad guys) head out to "seek retribution." Can I get an "Amen!" from the congregation?

I know I'm getting excited about something that could easily never happen (and that is years down the road if it ever does), but holy crap this sounds awesome. And if it's a sign that major studios are starting to accept that the western is still a valid genre? I will be a very happy girl indeed.
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