For the great majority of the country (apart from my friend Sue, who is still haunted by his appearance in River's Edge), Crispin Glover is and will forever be George McFly. No matter what he does for the rest of his career, or how weird he gets, that's how we'll always remember him. Glover, though, isn't happy just resting on his increasingly odd laurels. In addition to appearing in tons of wide-ranging films, he's also gotten into directing over the last few years, and What Is It?, his debut as a director, made its first appearance at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. Acted by a cast made almost entirely of people with Down Syndrome, the film has been described as "weirdness for weirdness' sake," and not surprisingly didn't exactly pile up distribution deals.

Undaunted by the lack of distributor interest, however, Glover has decided to take What Is It? on the road: He's set up about six weeks of screenings (running from late October through early December), and will visit New York, Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles with the film. Not only will there be screenings, but Glover will actually be on hand at each screening to talk about his baby and, presumably, answer questions. If you're interested in Glover and What Is It?, this is really the only way to see the film -- it's clear from reading Sundance reviews that his words about it at the screenings there went a long way towards rescuing the film from complete dismissal by audiences and journalists alike.
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