As this is my first post on this topic, let me just say how excited I am to see Marvel rolling the dice on a new IncredibleHulk film. There's no reason why Ang Lee's stinker should immediately erase all chances of ever seeing the green dude back on the big screen. He's a great character and one of Marvel's most successful comic book franchises -- why not give the guy a chance?

Anyway, rumors have been swirling as to who will take over for Eric Bana in the role. To date, folks like Brendan Fraser, Dominic Purcell and Adam Garcia have been mentioned as possibilities. Well, today Dominic Purcell was a guest on a local radio show here in New York and he was asked whether there was any truth to his involvement in the next Hulk flick. AICN has the actual audio from the interview, and based on his weird answer, it definitely sounds like he's our guy. I imagine he's currently in negotiations to star and can't really get into it. Hey, I like the guy on Prison Break -- he certainly has that quiet, intriguing, "What's up with this guy?" persona. Good choice? Bad move? Thoughts?

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