Now that he's apparently back on the wagon and sober, Jason Mewes is looking to make something out of his career ... by starring in really crappy movies. I'll admit it: I've never seen Mewes in anything other than a Kevin Smith film, so I guess it's wrong of me to judge. But I'm going to go ahead and judge anyway: His films stink.

Part of me almost wanted to check out Bottom's Up, but the thought of having to watch Paris Hilton try to act for an hour and a half was just too much to handle. Besides, I didn't have a decent enough vomit bucket nearby. In saying that, Mewes has landed a role in Netherbeast Incorporated, to be directed by Dean Matthew Ronalds. (Okay, how many people ask "Dean Ronalds" which school he works for every day? I'm going to say 17.) Pic is said to be a vampire comedy set in the world of America's businesses. I can't believe I'm saying this, but the premise sounds pretty interesting. Lucky for us, Paris Hilton has not been cast. Hmm, seeing as she makes a living sucking the life out of anything remotely interesting, I'm surprised she's not on board.

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