The big screen, OMG Johnny Depp is So Hot! version of Stephen Sondheim's Sweeney Todd that we told you about way back in January (and again in June) is finally kicking into high gear, much to the glee of Depp-aholics everywhere (and, based on their comments, the dismay of fans of the show, who think Depp is all wrong for the lead role). Variety reported this morning that the movie, which will mark the sixth collaboration between Depp and director Tim Burton, will be jointly produced and financed by Warner Bros. -- with whom Burton has a strong relationship -- and DreamWorks, with Paramount (domestic) and WB (international) handling distribution.

The current schedule is to begin shooting next February at London's Pinewood Studios, but rehearsals are expected to kick off as early as November; a release in late 2007 is currently being targeted. (And no, there doesn't seem to be any truth to yesterday's reports that Sondheim was demanding vocal tests before allowing Depp to be cast.)

[Sondheim link via Cinema Blend]
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