Right, that's it: The world is officially beyond redemption. Not only does PartyBuddys exist, but a movie is actually being made about its founders. Seriously, shoot me now. In addition to not being able to spell, these guy guys charge huge fees to enable people to, as their MySpace page says roughly 405 times, PARTY LIKE A CELEBRITY. They provide an entourage, which apparently gets people into Exclusive! Clubs!, and makes them look like high rollers, something the ladies surely find irresistible. "Oh yeah baby," they say, "hook me up with that hottie -- look at all the men standing around him, he must be super important!"

And apparently this works on some level -- at least it makes money for founders James King and Jason Roefaro. Plus, if Variety is to be believed -- and I'm afraid it probably is -- there's now that damn movie deal, which will reportedly tell the story of this thrilling business. (Remember what I said about beyond redemption? Do you believe me now?) The movie, which will be called PartyBuddys, is going to be produced by, among others, the great Wilmer Valderrama. And, yes, he might just star. Sigh.
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