The combination of its Palme d'Or win and the fact that it was directed by Ken Loach was more than enough to have a lot of American film geeks eagerly looking forward to The Wind That Shakes the Barley. The problem, is that Loach's films tend to get limited distribution here at best, and for several months there was no news of any sort of deal. Thankfully, though, Variety reported today that IFC Entertainment has picked up the rights to the film, and plans to have it in theaters some time next year.

What's particularly cool about this deal is that IFC will be releasing the film through First Take (you may recognize the name from that I Am a Sex Addict/Mark Cuban kerfuffle earlier this year), their day-and-date arm tha makes films available both theatrically and via On-Demand, a cable service that is available primarily (only?) to Comcast subscribers. So, if Loach fans in, say, Omaha are lucky enough to have Comcast cable, they'll be able to see the movie on the same day as folks in New York. Which is pretty damn cool for those people in Omaha.
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