Ok, dammit. Who forgot to tell Daniel Craig that James Bond is a long-term commitment, and he's expected to devote his life to the role for the duration of his involvement with the franchise? The fool has gone and joined another multi-part film series -- this is going to seriously cut into his crucial, Bond-enhancing working-out and practicing-being-suave time.

The series in question is the His Dark Materials trilogy, which is kicking off its on-screen existence with The Golden Compass: Variety reports today that Craig has committed to playing Lord Asriel in the film, and that the character is "a fixture" in all three books in the series. Sure, Asriel -- described as "a ruthless and mysterious adventurer" -- sounds both intriguing and perfect for Craig, but still. The Golden Compass starts shooting next month, and is apparently scheduled to wrap just seconds before things commence on Bond 22 -- there's no way he's going to be at full Bond-power with that kind of schedule. I mean, the future of the British empire is at stake!
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