Man, I am so totally stoked about Be Kind Rewind. Everything about the movie -- yes, including the fact that Kirsten "I'm Adorable Even Though the Internets Hate Me" Dunst might be in it -- sounds completely fantastic, and I refuse to let my customary pessimism harsh my buzz about this one. For those of you who have somehow overlooked our previousposts on the subject, the movie is about a guy with a Magnetic Brain (of course he'll be played by Jack Black) who accidentally erases all the tapes in the video store at which his best friend (Mos Freaking Def) works. You know, with his big ol' head. So, in order to not disappoint the store's only regular customer -- an old lady whose mind is going -- the friends do the logical thing, and set out to recreate the movies she liked to rent. Yes, that's right: Jack Black and Mos Def shoot their own versions of Rush Hour, Lion King, and Robocop. And the movie was written and will be directed by Michel Gondry. Have you wet yourselves with joy yet?

The latest update on the film* is that, in addition to Danny Glover (who we already knew would appear), Melonie Diaz and Mia Farrow have also joined the cast, with Diaz as Mos Def's coworker, and Farrow, one assumes/hopes, as the shop's customer. Honestly. The only way this movie can get better is if Tommy Lee Jones joins the cast. If he does, the fact that shooting doesn't being until next month will not stop me from camping out for tickets. Like, now.

*Disturbingly, Dunst's name is not mentioned in the most recent
Variety article, so make of that what you will. For the moment, I'm choosing to believe it was an oversight, rather than evidence that her talks to appear didn't work out.
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