Several new indie films have found their way to Austin this week: Lower City and The Oh in Ohio open at Dobie, while Jailbait plays at Arbor. In addition, the IMAX/3D version of Superman Returns will screen this week at the Texas State History Museum. If you want to see that trendy new movie with the reptiles on aircraft, Alamo Drafthouse is offering "Snakes on a Plate" as a special menu item.
    • H.P. Lovecraft's birthday is on Sunday. You can celebrate the horror author's special day with a film marathon at Alamo Downtown, which includes the silent film Call to Cthulhu, a Night Gallery episode called "Pickman's Model," a number of short films, and the made-for-HBO film Cast a Deadly Spell. What, no Re-Animator?
    • Irvine Welsh, author of the book Trainspotting, will attend a screening of the movie adaptation on Sunday night at Alamo Downtown. If you buy his latest book, admission to the movie is free.
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