The powers that be behind the New York Film Festival have announced their full lineup for 2006, a list that features 28 films unfolding over a relatively leisurely two weeks of screenings. In addition to the previously-announcedThe Queen, Volver, Reds and Pan's Labyrinth, the slate -- like that of any good small festival -- is a mix of high-profile and obscure; domestic and foreign. The full list can be found here, but some highlights include: David Lynch's The Inland Empire (Can you imagine how many people will flip out if this thing is bad? We've been waiting for it for so damn long.), Johnnie To's ElectionElection 2, South Korea's smash-monster-hit The Host, Marie Antoinette, Poison Friends, Egyptian street kids doc These Girls and Offside (It's about soccer! And Iranian!).

The festival opens on September 29; watch the NYFF website for ticket info.
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