So, Roger Ebert has been in the hospital a bit longer than was expected, huh? We know he had a second emergency surgery, but it turns out things were a bit more serious than we thought -- cancer was found in his jawbone, which led to a surgical reconstruction of the area after the affected bone was removed. Plus, that second surgery occurred because a blood vessel burst as he was packing to go home. Man alive. As someone who just had a family member in the hospital for something much less significant, I can't even imagine how heartbreaking it was for his family to think he was getting out, only to find him once again in a desperate situation.

Ebert himself has offered his first official update in an email posted on his website, and he reports that he's still in the hospital, and will have to undergo serious rehabilitation (including for his vocal chords -- he's been on a freaking trach collar) before he can even think about returning to work. The good news, though, is that he's got a plasma TV and DVD player in his hospital room, and was just settling in to watch Half Nelson when he wrote the mail.
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