Through machinations surely too complicated for peons like us to comprehend, German film and TV director Rolf Schübelmanaged to land both Susan Sarandon and Helena Bonham Carter for Eleanor and Colette, his English language debut. I bet there are a whole lot of Hollywood mainstays wondering how the hell that happened, since they can't get either woman to return their in-fluent-English calls. I wonder if the thing actually has a quality screenplay, or something -- how crazy would that be? Said screenplay was written by newcomer Marc Bruce Rosin and tells the story, not surprisingly, of the relationship between its title characters. Sarandon will play Eleanor, "a patient at a psychiatric institute, who retains Colette (Bonham Carter), an attorney to represents her complaint against the hospital, which has been prescribing her psychopharmacological drugs." The male lead will be played by German actor Sebastian Koch.

Production doesn't begin until next spring, so don't expect to see this one in theaters any time soon.
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