D. M. Thomas' The White Hotel was published in 1981, and has since then been both highly praised and dismissed as a piece of junk, as well as dogged by charges of plagiarism.* From the moment it was released, though, the book -- described as a surreal novel about Freud, an opera singer and the holocaust -- attracted the attention of Hollywood, and has served as a sort of revolving door for big-name stars and directors. Among those who have been connected to the project over the past 25 years are: Barbra Streisand, Anthony Hopkins, Bernardo Bertolucci, Meryl Streep, Terrence Malick, Dustin Hoffman, David Cronenberg, Nicole Kidman, Pedro Almodóvar, Ralph Fiennes, David Lynch and Cate Blanchett. Whew.

Of course, now that the movie version is actually getting off the ground, none of those people are anywhere to be found. According to Variety, The White Hotel will be directed by Simon Monjack, who also wrote the screenplay. He and producer Susan Stewart Potter claim they've raised about $20 million to shoot the film, and are currently casting with an eye to late-October start.

*Thomas was accused of lifting passages from A. Anatoli's
Babi Yar. As far as I can tell, charges were never brought by either Yar or his publisher -- if you know otherwise, let me know in the comments.
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