Despite the fact that its release was pushed back, at least in part to distance it from Snakes on a Plane (the movie to which its trailer, oddly, is attached), the internet presence of Craig Brewer'sBlack Snake Moan (AKA That Other Samuel L. Jackson Movie) has slowly been ramping up this week. Among other things, the September issue of Esquire magazine features a short review of the film that, while not exactly glowing, makes it sound just as controversial as its plot -- a young nymphomaniac (Christina Ricci) spends a lot of time "chained half-naked to a radiator" as part of being "cured" by an older bluesman (Jackson) -- suggests. According to the Esquire piece (entitled You Just Can't Look Away), Black Snake Moan "comes as close to exploitation heaven as any studio based film made in the past 20 years. You watch it unfold -- detonate, more like -- with giddy incredulousness, stunned that somebody actually had the guts to put such supercharged images on the screen." Wow. I cannot wait for this thing to hit, and to watch as the public protectors of our cultural morality lose their collective minds in the press.

For a little hint of what's in store (since we have to wait until freakin' February to see the movie now), check out the just-released posters -- you gotta love how Brewer is buying so completely into the flick's exploitation potential.
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