As The Pin's & Tugger's attention became increasingly fixed on the cock, Ducky slowly moved in for the cookie kill.

Readers, you are officially brilliant. Not only did we get over 100 entries for this contest, but almost all of them were clever and hilarious -- and to think, we almost dismissed this pic as "too weird" and chose another. Never will we underestimate you again!

The winning caption comes from Dan (Dan, send your mailing info to Kim (dot) Voynar (at) cinematical (dot) com, and we'll get the DVD out to you ASAP), but there were so many good entries that a few other deserve recognition, as well. (And, just so we're clear, when I say "recognition," I mean "no material goods," but you do get bragging rights and the glory of everyone seeing your cleverness.) Check out some of the runners-up:
  • Grace Kim: "Much of Stephen Hawkings' youth was kept secret from his colleagues."
  • Shawn McGuan: "Neither one of them was willing to admit that even for a petting zoo, this one was particularly lame."
  • Sam: "The rare rooster-eating duck patiently hides out of sight, silently stalking its prey, waiting for right time to strike."