If there's one thing that's good about Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, it's that director Tim Story seems to be doing all he can to ensure folks actually like this one. Recently, Story stopped by his blog to give an update on the film. Here's a quick recap of said update:

  • Right now, Story and the gang are working very hard at improving Michael Chiklis' (The Thing) suit in an effort to make the character more agile. Most of these changes came based on the fan's reaction to the way The Thing looked in the first film. One such fan-related change comes in the form of a bigger brow. Oh, and the dude will be wearing more clothes too. Says story, "Now that he's comfortable with himself, we can have more fun with his appearance. Wait until you see him in his tux."
  • According to the blog entry, it seems Julian McMahon (Dr. Doom) is not only back onboard for the sequel, but his face will actually be seen ... not just heard. This announcement looks to be garnering a ton of mixed messages from the fans, as Dr. Doom isn't supposed to be seen. Could we be talking flashback here? What do you think?
  • Another controversial move has to do with the altering of Dr. Doom's mask. Story notes, "There's a more evil tone to it. I've been working on a maquette of the entire Doom look, complete with armor with my friends at Spectral Motion (the guys who brought you Thing, Beast, Juggernaut, Hellboy, etc...) The look is madd cool. I think you guys will like it."
  • And, finally, on The Silver Surfer: "Yes, now the question that I keep getting asked too many times...Doug Jones or no Doug Jones. Here's the low down. Doug has been working on a number of things regarding the Surfer. In order for the presence of the CGI SS to appear and move real, we need someone to perfect movement and provide a base, to which WETA can do their thing. That the jest of it. I don't know what that confirms for you guys but there you go."

There you have it folks! I think the movie is shaping up to kick some major ass. Thoughts? Opinions?

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