A flurry of screenplay-related activity has escaped online today, and so I've gone ahead and stuck all the news into this one post. Check it out:

  • Oh, I know you're dying for an update on that American Girl movie. Admit it, you love the dolls, own the dolls and want the dolls so badly, your anticipation for this flick is through the roof. Well, I'm happy to report that Ann Peacock has been brought on to write the script, which will focus on a character named Kit Kettridge who grows up during the early years of the great depression. Peacock is well-versed in the kid fare, as she was also a writer on The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
  • Warner Bros. has hired Matthew Aldrich to adapt Elaine Marie Alphin's novel, The Counterfeit Son. Story focuses on a man who tries to con a family out of their dead child's trust fund. Ya know, one of those feel-good flicks.
  • And speaking of Warner Bros., they're just crazy busy lately in the world of screenwriting, having also picked up the spec, Himelfarb. Written by newcomers Jarred Paul and Andrew Mogul, pic revolves around an emotionally needy man who, after misinterpreting signals on a first date, winds up following this poor girl to Nebraska where he goes all "What About Bob" on her. Ah, gotta love them stalker comedies.
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