The venerable Anne Thompson at The Hollywood Reporter has an interesting piece up on the backstory around Bryan Singer's decision to bail on the third X-Men flick and head to Warner to make Superman Returns. Thompson speculates that, although Fox may have won the battle of the box office returns between X-Men 3 and Superman, Warner may yet win the war, having craftily swiped proven tentpoler Singer away from the competition.

X-Men, Thompson says, is pretty much over and done with, although there may yet be Wolverine and Magneto spin-offs (which, she notes, X-Men 3 director Brett Ratner will likely not be involved with), whereas Warner is just getting started with reviving the Superman franchise especially with a storyline involving the son of Superman and Lois Lane -- a potential for a superhero who's less of a goody-two-shoes than his father.

What do you think, comic-movie fans? Did Warners get the better deal here? Is X-Men as a franchise history at this point? And do you care about seeing a Superman sequel?

[ via Hollywood Elsewhere ]